The Athlab Mission

"Our mission at Athlab Nutrition is to educate, innovate and enhance the performance and recovery of world class athletes to the weekday warrior”

We are focussed on innovating top quality products with the best ingredients. The Athlab product range will be diversified and developed to bring to you the best products on the market. We are at the forefront of CBD innovation and are continuously building relationships with world leaders in the CBD industry.

Our Commitment

Since the beginning of Athlab, we have operated with 100% transparency. By doing so, Athlab hope to earn the trust and respect our of customers. Providing high quality products for our customers is not only our passion but a fundamental of the Athlab brand. We rigorously test our products through 3rd party UKAS certified laboratories, to ensure you receive nothing but the best. Scan the product QR code and view our lab results…how’s that for transparency!

Our Founders

Athlab was founded by Elliott and Nat, who both share similar interests in sport and nutrition. Having both struggled with injuries and the recovery process, they started researching and stubbled upon CBD. Whilst trying to find the best CBD products for themselves, they found the available products limited, misleading and not backup with testing.

It was because of this limited market, that the Athlab brand emerged. The Athlab brand fills a gap in the market for honest packaging and tested products. We aim to be the gold standard, when it comes to supplements for athletic performance that comply with drug testing procedure.


At Athlab we strive to push ourselves beyond perceived limitations. We encourage our customers to live by this ethos: work hard, recover well and push further. Defeat your inner demon and LIVE LIMITLESS.