| Nathaniel Leadbitter

CBD For Sport

5 Things you need to know about CBD for sport.

Is CBD a banned substance in sport?

No, the chemical compound cannabidiol (CBD) is not prohibited. Its worth noting that most CBD products contain many of the other 115 other cannabinoids found in the cannabis plant. All of these except CBD are prohibited in competition. When athletes are choosing a CBD product it is very important to choose a product that is 0% THC and backed up by third party lab tests,  by more than one laboratory. 

What to look for in lab tests?

Firstly when checking lab reports, make sure that the claims on the labelling match that on the lab reports. We recommend that athletes who are subject to anti doping tests do not take any CBD products that contain more than 0.1% of any cannabinoid other than CBD. 

If you are an amateur athlete or fitness enthusiast that is not subject to anti doping testing, checking lab reports is still very important. It ensures that the product is high quality and that what is claimed on the labelling is correct.

How can CBD help an athlete?

As there has not yet been many clinical studies carried out on CBD, we cannot legally make any claims about its benefits. Despite this athletes are reporting amazing results from supplementing CBD. “injury recovery , improved sleep, general recovery, pain management” to name a few.

Health risks associated with CBD

So far, there is not a lot of data on the health risks of CBD. Initial studies suggest is it fairly well tolerated, and that it is not likely to cause dependence or abuse. The adverse events and side effects of CBD that have been reported appear to be related to interactions with prescription medications. Since there is interest in CBD for treating various conditions, there is ongoing research into its safety profile, which may produce more information in the future.

LIV4 CBD for Athletes

We at LIV4 CBD recommend that all athletes take our 0% THC Blood Orange CBD Oil. Our CBD is of the highest quality and backed by two third party lab tests which can be found on our website. If you have questions about taking CBD or anything CBD related, get in touch via our website or social media and we will be more than happy to help.



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LIV4 ORGANICS LTD does not accept responsibility for any positive drug test results, you must consult the appropriate health professional before use.